Krista (imustconfess) wrote in cerealjunkie,

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what happened to this place?

wow there hasnt been a post in this community for over a year. well, its saturday morning and im about to go make my weekly cereal run and I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT!! im sick of trying new things and ending up disappointed! cocoa pebble's dino crunch was HORRIBLE!!! dog food anyone? the 'marshmellow boulders' were hard as just! what the yuck.
so i my just go with good ol' fruit loops w marshmellows (cant go wrong there..) or possibly golden grams.. (oldie but goody).. someone told me the new keebkler cookie cereal was great, but im afraid to try it without any other opinions... it would just ruin my morning if i came hyome, poured a big bowl, and couldnt finish it much less drink the milk.
ok enough for now. heh.
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